Product Detail


​​​Beauty that Lasts​​​

DiamondDrive, the exclusive premium drivew​​ay mix. Well-designed homes deserve beautiful concrete ​​driveways and walkways that will stand the test of time. The DiamondDrive exclusive premium driveway mix makes it possible – even in our challenging climate. Diam​ondDrive’s unique Tri-Tech formula offers triple protection for driveways. Our blend of premiu​​m materials creates denser, more durable concrete with greater resistance to water penetration, cracking and popouts.

Superior Stren​​​gth

DiamondDrive delivers the 32 MPa compressive strength recommended by CSA for home builders working in our climate.

Built-in Resistance to Cracks and P​​​op-outs 

DiamondDrive’s design prevents flaws that compromise the looks and performance of most concrete driveways. 

Resists Moisture and Che​​​micals From Day One 

Unlike standard concrete, DiamondDrive gives the concrete protection similar to sealed concrete from day one, protecting the driveway from damage during the first year of service. Sealer applied by the homeowner is recommended before the second winter to keep the driveway in ideal shape. 


DiamondDrive is designed for a long service life with minimal maintenance, yielding a lowered life cycle cost. 

Ease of Placem​​​ent 

Formulated for 125mm slump, DiamondDrive places and finishes as easily as standard concrete with no additional steps or tools required. 


  • Strength – 32 MPa @ 28 days (conforming to CSA specifications)
  • Air Entrainment – 5%–8%
  • Slump – 120mm +/-30mm
  • W/C ratio – .45
  • Optional enhancements – retarder, accelerator

Placin​g and Finishing 


  • Normal concrete placing and finishing practices
  • Adding water to the mix will compromise the strength and durability of DiamondDrive and is strongly discouraged
  • DiamondDrive should be placed between April 1st and October 31st (If placement is needed beyond these dates, consult our technical staff.)
  • Additional sealing recommended after the first year of service​